Dewar Laing Bailiff – Civil Enforcement Services

Dewar Laing Bailiff - Civil Enforcement Services

Full Description

Civil Enforcement Services, the bailiff services of Laing & Parent LLP

Accounts Receivable – Get your accounts receivable under control with procedures and programs that get you paid on time and in full without need of taking your customers and clients to court.

Repossessions and Recoveries

Rely on the only law firm in Ontario providing bailiff services, with a lawyer also appointed as Bailiff.  This means that we can act for you to recover money due under the PPSA, the RSLA, the Municipal Act or the Commercial Tenancies Act


Count on a law firm that has experience in commercial collections since 1985.  We negotiate terms of settlement that we can enforce without need


Barrister and Solicitor

Bailiff for the County of Essex and Province of Ontario

The Law Offices of Laing & Parent LLP

1750 Ferriss Road, Harrow, ON N0R 1G0,

(519) 738-9244