Crown Security Services

Security guard coverage and patrols for your commercial, industrial and residential properties

Crown Security Services

Full Description

Crown Security Services is a Canadian company based in Toronto with over 30 years of exceptional service delivery within the Greater Toronto Area, and we would like the opportunity to provide you with a quotation for implementing security guard services or surveillance infrastructure within your facility.

What we stand for: Integrity- Reliability- Vigilance- Customer Satisfaction –Versatility- Social Responsibility

We are an established firm that has been in business for over 30 years, employing highly qualified security personnel at very competitive industry rates. We operate and adhere to all sections of the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act of Ontario, under which all of our staff are licensed and bonded to extraordinarily high standards enforced by the province.

As you know, the need for a comprehensive security platform to reduce theft, break-ins, vandalism and keep unauthorized individuals away from your premises is critical to the safety of one’s facility. Crown Security can be used either alone or in tandem to supplement your own security any time including holidays, shut downs, and during maintenance periods. We also provide highly visible signage to show that your premise is being serviced by us as an added deterrent.

Customized Solutions to meet your needs:

Through ongoing consultation, we can design the right mix of services and innovative technology to help you reduce your costs, without cutting corners. We offer a wide range of solutions meet and exceed our client’s objectives from roving visits, staggered patrols, entry control, to the installation of high-end surveillance systems.

We would appreciate the opportunity to competitively bid on this or any other projects or premises now and in the future. I am confident that we can fill your security needs and give you the peace of mind that your residents/workers are safe and well taken care of.